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I want to thank you for all your help and patience and professionalism. We ran into more people acting unprofessionally so it was awesome dealing with you!!

K. Smithmeyer, Carlisle, PA.

Thanks for buying my house. It was a lot easier and faster than I expected it to be. I really appreciate working with you.

D. Fry, Camp Hill, PA.

My elderly mother moved in with me & my husband and needed to sell her home. Kate saw the for sale sign and reached out to mom. The wheels were set in motion. Unfortunately, my mother had a stroke and we had to put the sale on hold. Kate was patient and gave mom time to recover. Two days before settlement, mom passed away unexpectedly. I thought for sure we would lose the sale. Kate was so understanding and compassionate. She waited through the weeks of red tape I had to go through to be able to sell the home as part of the estate. This emotional situation I was going through was made so much less stressful because of her patience and kindness. Thank you, Kate!!

– C. Miller, Duncannon, PA.